Pia Ewers, BA (Hons) Journalism with Media Studies graduate from the University of Portsmouth

Pia Ewers

Journalism with Media Studies

After I’d decided to leave Germany to study in the UK, my decision to study Journalism with Media Studies at the University of Portsmouth came easy to me. The living costs are affordable compared to many other places, and the accredited course combines practical journalistic skills with theoretical knowledge of the modern media landscape. I really feel that after choosing this course, I now have a broad set of options for my future career.

Although university will always be challenging, I believe what truly best describes my journey throughout these three years is growth. Supported by amazing staff members and friends who were with me every step of the way, I feel like I’ve been able to really come to terms with my identity, develop essential skills for my future career, and grow into a responsible adult who is ready to take on life. I’m also very grateful for the many opportunities the University of Portsmouth have offered me, such as taking part in an overseas summer programme, or free language courses.

Being an international student, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the work because of the language barrier. However, after arriving in Portsmouth, my worries completely disappeared; staff and fellow students made sure that I was comfortable at all times, and they were always happy to answer any questions I had. Obtaining an international degree was important to me as globalisation permeates all areas of our lives. The University of Portsmouth played an important part in opening up doors for my future career.

Once I’ve graduated, I’ll move back to Germany and give myself some time to explore different internships in order to find out what suits me best. During that time, I hope to find the best use for the varied skillset I’ve acquired throughout my time at university. After that, I’d love to complete an MA that will help me advance in the career of my choosing.

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