Oliver Whitehead, BA (Hons) Photography graduate from the University of Portsmouth

Oliver Whitehead


My goals growing up were always to try new things, explore my creativity and challenge myself so that I could learn skills and push forward to perfect them. The Photography course at the University of Portsmouth has given me the opportunity to build upon skills I’d already learned, but also to experiment with new technology and further my knowledge of the medium.

Since starting university, I’ve changed as a person. I’ve become more independent and self-motivated. The practical nature of my course has also helped me become a better team player when working with other students for group submissions.

Throughout my time at Portsmouth, I’ve worked with the University as a freelance photographer on projects promoting the University. This has helped me to gain valuable experience as well as perfecting my professionalism as an employable photographer.

My proudest moment at university has been taking part and collaborating with the Fashion and Textiles department in various photoshoots and activities.

Outside of photography, I’ve also been involved with the University of Portsmouth Show Choir where we were able to buy rights and produce a west end show, called the Masters of Show Choir, here in Portsmouth.

After graduating, I intend on taking the skills I have learned at university and apply them to real world situations. I’m currently looking for freelance work in London and the surrounding areas while focusing on working as an assistant with photographers based there.

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