Lorna Tan, BA (Hons) Animation graduate

Lorna Tan


Growing up, I was inspired watching hand-drawn animated shows, and knew I wanted to be an artist. Before coming to the university, I graduated from college with a diploma in multimedia design. At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to further my studies or which part of the creative industries I would pursue. Nevertheless, I knew that what I had studied wasn’t enough as I had a strong passion to bring hand-drawn characters to life. I wanted to specialise in 2D art and be part of a team making animated films, so I decided to be an animator.

The University of Portsmouth Animation course has pushed my skills to a higher level as well as showing me what it takes to be a professional animator. It’s intensive but very beneficial because I’ve learned and enjoyed the process of creating an animated film. The highlight of my university experience is having the opportunity to work on commissions for the BBC in my 2nd and 3rd year. University is always about time management and discipline as every assignment gets even more challenging each day. Long hours and hard work have meant I’ve had to treat my university experience very similar to a full-time job.

After I graduate, I hope to work for an animation studio overseas as well as working on freelance commissions. Understanding that this won’t be easy, I’ll definitely keep on practicing my technique and craft as I know there’s a lot more I need to discover and learn on my own. I’m not sure what lies ahead in my future, but I know that I’ll be producing more animation works – and who knows? I might be working on my next film.

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