Katie Purkis


Before studying Illustration at University of Portsmouth, I always had a passion for art. I thoroughly enjoyed A-level art and drawing in my free time. Unfortunately, at age 17, my dad tragically passed away. I gave up on the idea of going to university completely as I thought I wasn’t ready to take on something so challenging. I then met some of the Illustration tutors during an Open Day and was so overwhelmed at how friendly everyone was, as well as being impressed with the Illustration studio and facilities.

During my first year, I found the tutors so welcoming and understanding of my situation. I finally felt like I had a focus; projects were challenging but motivational. Seeing other students work and their passion for illustration inspired me to flourish and find my illustrative style. Each year I gained confidence and progressed with my creative skills, learning different methods of working from bookbinding to printmaking. My course has really prepared me for my career path after graduation, such as producing a professional portfolio and CV, to making my own Illustration website.

After graduation, I’m open to experiment working in a variety of creative work places, as I feel I have the confidence and knowledge to utilize my skills that I have learnt during my three years at university. However, my long-term goal is to have my own studio.

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