Javier Dieguez, BA (Hons) Computer Games Technology graduating student

Javier Dieguez

Computer Games Technology

I wanted to work in games since about 15, when I started creating little GameMaker mini games. The blend of creativity and technicality is something I have sought as a career.

Games programming on the Computer Games Technology course has allowed me to get closer to fields I would otherwise have found boring. It’s been my gateway into software engineering principles, which now seem more approachable, and traditional maths and physics are now subjects I can enjoy. Without something like games programming as the context, I doubt I would’ve had the opportunity to understand and enjoy these subjects. Besides that, university has helped me learn how to better deal with group projects by working within a multidisciplinary team.

To gain employment in the Computer Games industry is the final step for me. I now have a range of skills and experience using many different technologies, ready to use in a professional environment. This will test my knowledge and allow me to develop my skills further in a specialist area that I choose in my future career.

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