Emma Elson, BA (Hons) Film Production graduate from the University of Portsmouth

Emma Elson

Film Production

When I first visited Portsmouth, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, after the first Open Day I knew that this was where I wanted to study. The facilities were amazing and everyone I talked to was so welcoming. The Film Production course appealed to me because of the highly practical ratio to academic. The course focuses on the practical, which I have loved, and I feel the skills that I have gained have put me in good stead for a future career.

Moving away from home at 18 was very daunting, and the prospect of living alone in halls was terrifying to me. Despite this fear, I have learnt so much while studying at the University of Portsmouth. With the lecturers help and assistance throughout, I have discovered what path I want to pursue career-wise. The best part of university life has been the friends that I have made along the way. To sum up, I have enjoyed my time at university so much.

One of my proudest moment of university would be working for Music Fusion, a charity based in Portsmouth who access and engage young people through music. It’s been a very rewarding experience that I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of for the last two years. Furthermore, I’m very proud of my final year work. I’ve produced two graduate films this year (Horsemen and Heart of Glass), which has been crazy but very much worth it. I’ve learnt so much from these two projects that have prepared me for when I leave university.

After university, I hope to jump straight in to work in the film industry. I’ll apply for entry-level jobs as soon as I graduate and hopefully work my way up. The end goal is to become a successful film producer, producing material that I am both proud of and that means something, potentially having an impact on the world in some way.

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