Emily Haysom

Media and Digital Practice

Since I was young, I’ve always been confident I wanted to go into the Media industry, but unsure which specific area I wanted to go into. So I looked into courses that seemed to have a high level of practical work in different areas so I could try them all. Media Studies and Entertainment Technology at the University of Portsmouth seemed perfect for me. I already knew I loved the city, having lived nearby in Dorset previously, and I wanted to stay close to the sea. So I came to an Open Day to find out more about the course and applied straight away.

My time at university has been everything I wanted it to be. It’s been challenging, but I have learnt so much and made some great friends. For many courses, the University gives you the opportunity to take a placement year in between the 2nd and 3rd year of your studies. After a long application process, I was lucky enough to be accepted for a year’s internship at The Walt Disney Company, which will really help me when it comes to getting a job. That year, in particular, taught me so much and helped me make a lot of contacts within the industry; it was a dream come true. My proudest moment at university would probably be when I completed my final year project in April, after I had spent around 300 hours working on a 4-minute animation – it was a great achievement.

After I graduate, I’m hoping to end up back at Disney working for the Production Management team for Disney Channel and apply all the skills I’ve learnt both at university and in my internship. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll be looking into roles at the BBC or the British film industry, e.g. Warner Bros. Back home, I also have a few freelance jobs lined up at my local theatre, which will be good to add to my portfolio along with an unbelievable university experience.

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