Ben Willets, BA (Hons) Journalism graduate from University of Portsmouth

Ben Williets


Before university, I never really knew what I wanted to do for my future career. Initially I thought teaching could be a job I’d enjoy but I decided against it in the end. I’ve always had a passion for sport and loved the idea of combining sport with whatever job I may have. It wasn’t until year 11 when I was really enjoying English, so I started to think more about sports journalism. After some research, I decided that broad journalism was the most suitable for me. I haven’t really looked back since. The University of Portsmouth Journalism course has been perfect for me and better than I could have expected.

There’s no doubt I’ve changed since starting university. Moving away from home has been an unreal experience, and I’ve met some amazing people who I’m now very close with. Personally, the three years at university has matured me and I now feel ready to be an adult in the wider world. The course has developed me professionally too; I now feel my writing skills are a lot better thanks to the work from all the lecturers. It’s very cliché but I’ve grown so much as a person and living in Portsmouth has made me realise I want to live in a city, and I’m now really driven to find a job in London.

At the minute I’m not entirely sure what the next step is. I am hoping to get a job in London in the sports journalism industry. I love the idea of working on and around television, discussing football and all kinds of other sports, but I’d be happy in any journalism job where I can work hard and share my passion for journalism in a successful career.

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