Alex Saunders, BA (Hons) Journalism graduate from University of Portsmouth

Alex Saunders


Growing up, my aspirations for the future ranged from firefighter to TV presenter. My ideas of what I wanted to do kept changing and I had no definite plan for my career. In Sixth Form we had a day dedicated to talks about our futures and after hearing from a journalism lecturer from the University of Portsmouth, I decided to explore this avenue. It combined my two early dream job focal points; helping others and sparking conversation with potentially thousands of people.

My time at the University of Portsmouth has allowed me to grow tremendously. I’ve opened myself up to a range of opportunities, people and experiences whilst studying here. From presenting my own radio show each week on the University radio, PureFM, to writing for local publications on placement, I’ve had a wealth of experience throughout my time at the university. Getting to put the skills I’ve gained during lectures into practice has allowed me to really see how much I’ve learnt. Early on I felt unsure of myself, but my course has led me to coming out of my shell and gain confidence I didn’t realise I was missing.

Right now my future is undecided; much like before University I haven’t reached a definite decision as to my career. But I know that a number of paths have been formed following my three years here and look forward to exploring these. The University of Portsmouth has opened my eyes and I’ll never see the world in quite the same way. I’ll question headlines, I’ll seek out both sides of an argument, and I’ll listen more than ever to everyone I speak to.

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