Adele Miller, BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design graduate at University of Portsmouth

Adele Miller

Interior Architecture and Design

My goals growing up were to find a job that I thoroughly enjoyed; money didn’t really bother me and I just wanted to get as much job satisfaction as I could. Although, I didn’t know I wanted to go into interior design at college, spatial design and atmospheres really influenced me. I enjoy testing myself and I wanted a career that would challenge me and help me grow as a person, and found that I could relate to what was on offer on the Interior Architecture and Design course.

University has taught me to trust my gut instinct.  If my gut tells me no, or to drop a design, then I drop it.  If it feels right then things always fall into place. I’ve become more confident and with the ability to speak out more since studying at the University of Portsmouth.

After university, I want to find a career in a practice where I can work as part of a collaborative team at an inspiring place to work.  I would love to work at a practice that combines a range of arts such as woodwork, textile work, spatial design and hand drawing, so that I could better my skills and learn new crafts within the field of Interior Architecture and Design.  I feel I’m now ready to find an exciting job in the industry and I’m determined to be successful.

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